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After you have checked the inside of your home for your pet and asked your neighbors to check their garages and sheds (particularly for cats), then please go to www.pawboost.com www.lostmydoggie.com www.lostmykitty.com These are excellent sites that will generate a poster for you to print and use, and they will also email it to nearby veterinary clinics and rescues. On their sites are more great “lost pet tips”. Next, you need to go on Facebook or ask a friend on Facebook to post your pet on WNY Lost & Found Pets. Local animal lovers will join your team and share your pet’s photo/lost info to help get your pet back home.


Put your cat’s litter box outside and also some of your scented clothing in your yard to help keep her nearby. Cats can easily “hide in plain sight”. Go outside about 5 am in the morning before the world is waking up and your neighborhood is still quiet. Walk around and call for her. Do this every morning. It is up to you to be proactive and find your pet. If she remains lost, rescues often loan out traps for a nominal security deposit. Visit rescues and the SPCA to look for your pet. Please do not ask them to let you know if she comes in. They are all so busy caring for animals and will never remember your request. Again, it is your job to find your lost pet, so visit every week or so.


Dogs have the ability to travel further. Once he goes into “survival mode” he will run from even you. It is so important to tell everyone to not call his name or chase him.

Call your local police and animal control officer to inform them of your missing dog.

Always make sure your dog’s identification tags have current information. A microchipped pet stands a much better chance of getting back home.

As with cats please be proactive in finding your pet. List him on the above Internet and Facebook sites. Animal lovers will assist you with sightings during this frantic time.




The American Kennel Club reports that pet theft is on the rise. Most pets are snatched from parked cars or while tied up outside of stores. The newest trend is for animals to be taken from their own yards. You would be surprised how a determined thief can do this in a matter of seconds or minutes.



1) Leave your dog at home when running errands.
2) Watch your dog closely at dog parks, and other off-leash areas because thieves watch these areas also. If your pet is in your yard do not leave him alone for too long or out of your line of sight.
3) Never leave your dog unattended in your car thus making him an easy target for thieves.
4) Make sure your pet always wears a collar with identification and license tags. Put the word “REWARD” before your name, address and phone number. Do not include your pet’s name as this will give the thieves additional control over your animal.
5) Microchip your pet.
6) Do not offer detailed information about your pet to strangers who may stop you while taking your dog for a walk. Do not underestimate the mental capacity of thieves who will give the appearance of a friendly stranger while gathering facts to concoct their scheme.
7) Lastly, never purchase a pet from Craigslist, newspaper ads, markets, or on a street corner – they could be selling you a stolen animal. Documents that look “official” can easily be doctored and falsified. Always seek out a local rescue, shelter, SPCA, and at last resort, a CERTIFIED breeder.


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